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The Legend, the Myth.

Can't Be Arsed - it's everywhere, and known to many:

< pit>       CBA.
< mhl>       CBA
< michai>    CBA
< SM_Barbie> CBA?
< Burnhard>  CBA?
< spark_>    CBA ;)
< domen>     CBA
< LexMortis> madness? THIS IS CBA!
< nomead>    CBA?
< avekoder>  CBA?

Those who oppose CBA

Say no to cba.png Yes, there are those who choose to disagree with the obvious. Be that as it may, please remember:

you don't simply choose CBA - the CBA chooses YOU!

How can I contribute?

In fact, this very question suggests work or effort --> FAIL. Observe the Masters:

< domen>     we only need to put our CBA on market
< LexMortis> CBA is even easier
< nomead>    well, yes. I'm an overachiever trapped in a body full of CBA.
< mhl>       They fuck up my CBA life style
< Jan_Goofy> I do not fear CBA anymore, or the KRAKEN
< SM_Barbie> why not CBA
 * pit has black belt in CBA
< nomead>    you have to suppress those urges immediately and succumb to CBA
< Burnhard>  ah, CBA day today, back from trip. next step tomorrow
< nomead>    should have used CBA encryption
< michai>    I bet if we combine only a fraction of the CBA on here we could build a nuke or so
< domen>     i must celebrate this with CBA
< michai>    the CBA neurons are made faster than activity-neurons
< mhl>       Which combination sends a CBA?
< pit>       guys i think i just hit total CBA state
< spark>     CBA everywhere everytime ;)
< domen>     CBA | embrace it
< mhl_>      It's obvious I only surpass you in the unfine art of CBA
-!- Jan_Goofy [] has quit ["God gave Adam CBA and he saw it was good."]
< ^Khelben^> if you switch the power on your pc power supply on and off really quickly you get a secret CBA screen
< Jan_Goofy> as soon as the CBA wears off
< SM_Barbie> or moar CBA
< pit>       i can give CBA tips
< domen>     i can't even be CBA to think of something to do
< Jan_Goofy> fight CBA
< pit>       74CBA00
< michai>    CBA = ( nr_clicks > 1 );
< Jan_Goofy> but I know, CBA is a strong mofo
< nomead>    I'll try to remember to drive over a couple kittens this weekend, that should give me plenty of CBA quota
< mhl>       No much, I ought to take a backup, but I suspect CBA is in action.
< michai>    CBA meter needle could be welded or even painted at 100% yeah

CBA 0xf00d

Here we describe inventive ways to prepare food in a way that reduces the amount of work done.

CBA household help

CBA in the media

A Collection from around the world. Most will be praises of CBA, but those that take the effort to praise CBA, do not master it 100%.

The CBA song

Nike is against CBA