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Fig.1: prerequisites. Wood, paint, sponge. These sponges cost almost nothing, and last long enough to be useful.
Fig.2: dipping the sponge. Dip sponge gently in paint, wait until dripping stops, and off you go.
Fig.3: action! That's how it's done. At some point your sponge might start to disintegrate, which might be a sign to get a new one.

You you can run, but you cannot not CBA.


Ok, just a very small painting-method where you don't need a brush, and don't need to clean anything (unless you drip on the furniture (and care about that) or are an extremem environmentalist objecting to throwing a paint-soaked sponge away).

Comparison conventional / CBA-painting

  • conventional painting:
    • have to obtain brush
    • is slow
    • is mainstream
  • CBA-painting:
    • is cool
    • is mega-fast once you get the hang of it
    • doesn't leave brush-strokes (since no brush is used!)
    • gets your hands covered in paint


  1. get cheap toss-away kitchen-sponge
  2. open can of paint
  3. dip sponge in can of paint (until about half is covered)
  4. rub sponge over wood or whatever you are trying to paint
  5. be amazed :-)

Have fun -- Michai