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Yes, this is what we chat about (mostly).



This wiki system was setup for (and by) members of channel #electronics on the IRCnet.


From time to time, the ultimate question pops in: "What do you build?". We've setup this wiki, so that members of our channel can easily share their ideas and/or document their projects in one place. So there's some (rather little) chance of some nice projects/howtos portfolio growing up in here in few weeks/months/years/centuries.

However, the real idea is to (or at least try to!) fight The CBA. Hard to say how it will work out (I have some rather pessimistic thoughts so far, so i won't share them now), but if anyone wants to share his ideas with others... First step has been made.


Since this wiki was created for use by #electronics members, safety policies are set up so that only people with a created account can contribute in it. Mic suggested, that only a trusted group of users (#electronics members) can add new user accounts and allow others to participate in the wiki. Let's stick to this idea then.

So if you're willing to be a part of this wiki (even the smallest part), just let us (pit, michai or domen) know on the channel. We'll setup a new account for you. Also, if you're not #electronics member (yet! ;-)), but you'd like to contribute here, just write me an e-mail at e-pit(at) mailbox.

To get up and running quickly, you can use the playground/sandbox to learn/test wiki-markup.


Courage wolf says: FIGHT THE CBA!

Pit says: how about you do something nice and I reward it. Starting today, the 9th of september 2012, whoever designs something good and documents it on the Electriki, will receive a PCB manufactured by me. Of course you can layout the PCB yourself, I'll just make it physically. Together we can fight the CBA!

Note: there are some limitations to my abilities (single sided PCB, 80x100mm max, about 10mils tracks width/clearance (ho ho, I said it!)), but I'll ship it to you free of any charge. Is this enough to make any of you slackers actually pull off some nice project and dtFw it? Hopefully! BTW, anyone wishing for a different prize... yeah just message me asking for details. The offer ends in a month from now. :-b