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Behold, a picture. You can upload pictures using 'Upload file' on the left of the screen, and then display it in various ways. Here, a thumbnail is shown, using "[[Image:Pic.jpg|thumb|a fish]]". See the Formatting help for many more examples.

[ Welcome to the markup-test/-playground page - this is the place to try out wiki-markup; edit at will! This is only a QuickStart; for more info about markup, see the help-page on markup/formatting. Have fun! ]

A good habit is to to use the "show preview" button before actually saving changes the site you are editing.

To start with: if you're editing a page for one of your electronics-projects, it might be a good idea to start your page with...

[[category:projects]] prevent layout with many pictures in a row from being messed up ('[edit]'-links in weird places), and to add your page to the projects-list. One can also disable displaying those links on pages without __NOEDITSECTION__ tag by disabling the "Enable section editing via [edit] links" setting in his personal prefferences.

By the way, did you know that...

  • the block of preformatted text above was done by writing its contents between "<pre>...</pre>" tags.
  • to prevent the wiki from interpreting markup, you can put text in between "<nowiki>...</nowiki>" tags (just like all the examples in this paragraph :-)
  • you can make a bullet-list like this one by putting a '* ' at the start of a line
  • you can make text 'stand out' (like this paragraph) by enclosing it in "<blockquote>...</blockquote>" tags
  • you can write italic (using ''the text'' markup, i.e. 2 single quotes) and bold text (using '''the text''' markup, i.e. 3 single quotes)
  • you can insert a link to a another page inside this wiki, e.g. the CBA page, using "[[The_page_name]]". Or use an alternative link-text Like This, by using "[[The_page_name|some link-text]]" (note the double brackets)
  • links to external pages -- e.g. the the IRCnet #electronics home-page (note the 'external page'-indicator) -- are done in a similar way, using "[ and optional link-text]" (note the single brackets there, and the space rather than pipe-symbol between URL and description).
  • when working with sections, you can get confused about images not staying inside one particular section. This is not cool, indeed. Maybe it's worth to consider putting all images one after one in the very beggining of page's code, just like michai did it here by putting the [[Image:Fishie.jpg... tag right on the start of page's source code. This will make all images show up as they're on site's margin.

Here is the 1st section on the top-level...

...well, almost top-level. Please enclose outermost section-titles in "== ... ==" markers. Use more '=' signs to nest sections. Using a single '=' (e.g. "= My Section-title =" is considered bad practice because it displays the section- and page-title in the same font.

...and here is a subsection of the previous section

(note the nesting)

Here is another section, again on the top-level

This text is above a horizontal marker...

...and this text is below it. Insert a marker using '----' on a line by itself. Please note that you should probably use sections to make logical separations in your text, though.

4th section

After adding at least 4 sections to your page, the sections' index box appears automatically, right before 1st section.

Code pasting

You can paste code like this:<syntaxhighlight lang="c"> void CBA() { return 0; }

int main() { while(1) CBA(); } </syntaxhighlight>

Which was done with:

<syntaxhighlight lang="c">
void CBA()
	return 0;

int main()

YouTube? Ayee..

<youtube size="small" align="right">G9y-Bt-gv90</youtube> You want to show to others your project running? Sure, why not - just shoot your movie and post it on it's all downhill from here. Example on the right was posted with <youtube size="small" align="right">G9y-Bt-gv90</youtube>. Below you can see few more details about this thingie (copy from extension header). Also you can RTFM about it on

# Tag :
#   <youtube>video</youtube>
# Ex :
#   from url
#   <youtube>xYHsaDDSF</youtube>
# Size:
# <youtube size="small">xYHsaDDSF</youtube>
# for a small window
# Other sizes: normal, big
# Personal size:
# <youtube width="100" height="100">xYHsaDDSF</youtube>
# for a window of 100x100
# Align:
# <youtube align="right" width="100" height="100">xYHsaDDSF</youtube>
# for a window of 100x100 on the right
# Other aligns: left
# Enjoy !


Straight from the 'formatting help' (see left of the screen):

Orange Apple
Bread Pie
Butter Ice cream


|Ice cream