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Basically fried eggs, with a twist, because prepairing those properly means work. They're also easier to consume.

stuff you need

You need:

  • frying pan
  • heat source (ie. gas, electric stove)
  • a bit of frying oil
  • salt
  • eggs (duh!)
  • sliced bread (we know you have this, because of CBA)


  • Put some oil (ie. teaspoon) on the pan, and heat it a bit (bug:inexact).
  • Break the eggs into the pan (w/o shells). They should be spaced a bit. Fry on LOW heat.
  • Salt the eggs.
  • Optionally spread out the egg a bit, so it fits bread slice nicer.
  • Put a bread slice on each egg, leave it like this until the whites on bottom begin to change color.
  • Done. You can just remove bread slices from the pan with bare hand, and eat straight away. No need for cuttlery!

I'll try to take pics next time. First try came out surprisingly ok. Evenly spread on bread etc. Bah, 3rd time, when i was taking pics they didn't come out too well.


  • Salt the frying pan, so it's salted more evenly.
  • Instead of bread slice use 2 toast slices, and make it like a sandwich, and put a slice of cheese in between, it melts fine (doesn't melt on thick bread slices)


While Domen's dish sounds nice, here is a goofy twist to it I have been doing for years:

You Need:

  • same as above
  • Mild creamy cheese. I use Flødehavarti myself, but any mild semi-tasteless creamy high-fat chees will do I guess :)


  • Put some oil on the pan, and heat it a bit. quantity and time as you would normaly do, Master Chef!
  • Break the eggs into the pan (w/o shells). They should be spaced a bit. Fry on LOW heat.
  • Butter up the bread, a 3-4mm thick slice of Ze cheese
  • Add Salt on top of the cheese, it should be rock salt / course crystals type.
  • Flip the eggs over if u want them fried on both sides.
  • When done frying. place on egg on each bread.

You are done! Enjoy!

Note: As You, the read ofcouse have seen, I use french meditaranian sea-salt. I am that much of a gourme...

--Jan_Goofy 2009-01-11 16:17 local time ;-)

Improvements - or as we like to say at casa goofy, "LEAN'ing the shit out of it"

  • Use a small frying pan, say 24 cm diameter,
  • Apply oil and spread it out evenly.
  • Crack 4 eggs on the pan
  • All 4 eggs should form one big "egg"
  • add salt
  • NOW turn on power to hotplate.

Reasons for improvement: the salt will distrubute itself neatly within the egg, not on the surface. It is faster to flip over one big egg than 4 small.