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a.k.a. Wellers in action


2011-08-21 16:34 GMT+1:

<pit> we could startup a soldering-station-log
<pit> everyone would log when, for how long and for what purpose did he use his soldering station
<pit> all the time!
<michai_> soldering log is not bad idea
<michai_> but why don't we just take a blank file and use that until the end of time?
<pit> i think nomead could do this with 100% honesty
<nomead_> I last soldered... thursday or friday?

So... This is your time to shine'n'solder ppl, and in a more civile way of saying: Tonight my Weller will drip of gobling-blood and/or Sn/Pb!"

The log

Name Date Solder-durantion Project / (wiki)link
Jan Goofy 2011-11-06 00:02 re-soldered a broken wire on Humidity-meter
pit 2011-09-12 00:20 Desoldering faulty AP4511GD from a LG L1952S LCD.
pit 2011-08-29 00:05 Soldering a DS18B20 to some cat5 twisted pair cable.. Almost_a_Stevenson's_screen
pit 2011-08-21 00:10 Modifying the debounce circuit / being a moron. :-/
pit 2011-08-21 00:20 Adding microswitch to some Atmega Board.
Jan 2011-08-21 00:05 N/A - just a template


Note: Non-weller wikimembers are not to be taunted, they are people too. To prove this, in a nudist-camp-way, here is a gallery of soldering stations used by the wiki-users: