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Radiation - Thats what this detects

Use cases

1. personal measurement instrument 2. connected via usb, generating random numbers

   take a Geiger counter and point it at a source of radiation
    then take the output of the counter and watch the interval between "clicks". If the most recent interval is greater than the previous interval I'll count that as a 1, if less I will count it as a 0, and if equal, I'll just drop the current interval. [5]_


counters seems to cost between 150 USD to 900 USD


  1. Find how to measure alpha,beta and gamma separately
  2. wikify this document from ReST


[1]_ is a nice source for DIY kit with parts and all

   requires moderate soldering skills

[2]_ Very nice counters with lots of features, good for inspiration

   200 to 500 USD

[3]_ is company offering howto, parts and kits for geiger

   170 USD

[4]_ module by sparkfun

   150 USD

.. [1] .. [2] .. [3] .. [4] .. [5]