Bean goulash

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  • 2x 400g beef
  • 3x 425ml mexican beans with corn
  • 2x onion
  • fragata jalapenos
  • pepper


Meal was good, jalapenos gave it nice hot taste. However the meat was too big and hard to chew.


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  • 400g beef
  • 2x 425ml mexican beans with corn
  • 4x onion
  • fragata jalapenos (4 pieces)
  • 100ml 10° beer
  • 5g bacon


Goulash has nice colour, interesting taste by the mix of jalapeno and beer.


Feck the tendos, just cut the meat to smaller pieces. Do not use bacon or beans, just baste it with the beer.


  • 1x black beer 12° krusovice
  • 800g beef
  • 5x onion
  • fragata jalapenos (2 pcs)


  • something has gone wrong. Beer can not be tasted, neither the jalapenos. Even the jalapenos itself were destroyed.
    • I suspect overboiling.
  • The substance was too thin, had to be densed with bread.
  • Turns out there was not enough sauce, this ammount of meat could use 2 beers which did not seems so at the time of cooking.


  • one or two of the jalapenos will be enough for the spicing
  • use chicken meat, tendered in eggs and kari
  • find a way how to accurately measure how long boil it needs until done. Suspected variables: ammount of material (meat / onions / water), heating power.


  • Goulash is done when fat floats atop and the sauce is smooth and shone
  • Tendos are not such a problem, just cutting the meat to small pieces does the trick
  • Bacon is probably useless in combination with the jalapenos and mexican beans