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Made it a Thumb, as I kept clicking the damn image to use my links..

If you, like me, have tons of frequently used links at the top of your browser:

You will most likely support the idea of having a favicon on our Wiki :-)

So please support me in this case before I run out of space for bookmarks...

What can I DO!? You ask yourself, well..

  • Blame the global financial crisis.
  • Blame the Ash-cloud.
  • Blame Pit.

THEN you may do your very best in designing a favico and upload it to the wiki + insert link below along with your name.

We will then vote when we have some options, the winner will go down in history + get a letter from me with a 10K resistor in it.

--Jan Goofy 16:40, 26 April 2010 (UTC)

Update: Since u slackers have done NOTHING, I have increased the price to a 10K resistor PLUS a BC547. Now how is that for motivation?

Size 64x64,32x32 and 16x16 by Jan_Goofy: Favicon wiki 64x64 Goofy.PNG Favicon wiki 32x32 Goofy.PNG Favicon til wiki 16x16 Goofy.PNG

the 32x32 and 16x16 ones with anti-aliasing (thank you Gimp and your free-form select): Favicon wiki 32x32 Goofy aalias.PNG Favicon til wiki 16x16 Goofy aalias.PNG

Ok, I want that resistor, so my entry ~domen: Electronics-favicon.png

Ok, I want my share of this grand prize (tuned and uploaded domen's icon). /pit

Ok, I got that resistor (and lost it) and also a transistor ~domen:

Jans postcard favicon.jpeg

Ok, I still didn't get my share. /pit

Ok, the above line should in fact start with !Ok, but let's respect the layout. /pit