The Ultimate 2014 Electronics Competition

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You're not sure whether or not you have enough skills/powers/!CBA to compete? Check out what Master Splinter has to say about it.

Another (fail-)compo? Really..?

Yes. Really.

Goal: make cool shit worthy for the gods of #electronics before the end of 2014.

How does it work?

Points 1-10 are awarded to each FINISHED entry, by each other contestant, for...

  • cunning use of low-cost material and processes (e.g. craftmanship)
  • usability IRL (e.g. logic analyser: good. Telepathic LED on/off: bad.)
  • innovativeness - is it a better version of an existing thing, or a new thing?
  • documentation (on this wiki!) - is enough documentation present to reproduce this at home?
  • LOL-factor, and no, it's not considered good practice to post a pic of yourself.
  • CRAZY BONUS SPREE! - give additional points to a project for personal reasons (e.g. "nice horse pic, 8 pts!")

The person whose entries gather the most points, overall, wins. Closing date is 2014-12-31.

<nomead> no points for you! (foreach @entries foreach @categories)

What can I win?

Prize(s): each other contestant MAY send the winner something that's actually useful (sort of).

In case you are actually too cheap to send anything, please take part in voting anyway, but be prepared to be called cheap mofo loser during January 2015 or longer.

<michai> I send my working compo-entry/entries to the winner, including P'n'P. 
         If I were too lazy to actually make anything, I send a pair of Dutch wooden clogs!
<pit>    (I am too lazy to type.) I send genuine polish kielbasa AND/OR polish beer, including P'n'P. 


(Will this ever be updated?)

( _plop a nice table here of contestants vs points for category_ )