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The 2009 meet

In early 2009, a group of electronics enthusiasts, who had been communicating primarily via IRC decided that it would be a good idea to all meet up in real life. Spurred on by Pit, the self-appointed organizer of this event it was eventually decided that the meet would take place on the last weekend in April, in sunny Berlin. Accommodation was arranged in Amstel Hostel (A very nice hostel as it goes). Pictures will be uploaded as long as noone has any objections ;)


Thursday saw the appearance of Khelben, Lexmortis and Domen, some drinks were drunk and it all got a little fuzzy after that. There was some discussion as to what was happening the next day, with Pit and Michai due to arrive, and also a last-minute arrangement from Jan to show up as well. It was decided that it would be nice to visit the berlin wall on saturday when everyone had arrived, and that Friday would involve visiting the reichstag building - some government building with a death ray on top, the name escapes me.


Friday morning did not start well, with Domen informing us that Pit would not be coming, we were most disappointed but decided to venture out into the world to get some food, it was a beautiful day, with the sun shining and more like summer time than spring, we eventually decided on a kebab for breakfast. We ventured onwards to find the reichstag building. Getting completely lost and confused after only a few hundred meters, we sat down by some blossom trees and had a look at the map. Still looking lost and confused, a local girl came over to us and helped us get our bearings, as well as how to get to the reichstag. She suggested we get the train, but we foolishly decided that we could walk it.
The walk was nice and took us along a river/canal, but lasted too long, so we simply had to stop at a riverside beer garden. Eventually reaching the reichstag, we then had to queue for about an hour before going in, followed by about half an hour going through security. We eventually got to see the huge death ray on top of the building and took some photos.
Next stop was checkpoint charlie, so we walked, bringing our total up to about 10Km of walking that day. The checkpoint was not quite what we expected, and seemed a little dissapointing, being more of a tourist attraction than anything else. We stopped into a nice coffee shop there, and had some coffees before heading back to the hostel to drink beer. Michai and Jan arrived later that evening and it was agreed that tomorrow we would visit the berlin wall. Being drunk, Khelben came up with the brilliant idea of photographing the entire East-side gallery - a 1.3Km stretch of the berlin wall that still remains. Afterwards we would go to a park and chillax for a bit.


todo: breakfast at the hostel
Khelben makes good on his promise and photographs the entire eastside gallery
Molecule man
Lazing about in the park
back to the hostel to drink beer


One for someone else since I left earlyish

The next meet

maybe, who knows? It would be good to meet up again as it makes a nice weekend away, and hopefully drag a few more people along this time :) If anyone has any suggestions, i'm certainly up for it </Khelben>