Lpc isp dongle

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LPC ISP dongle

NXPs uCs have serial boot loader, so you just need to connect it to computer's serial port, and all of the sudden you don't need the crappy nxp-link, code red ide etc.

HW: standard wiring of max3232 (beware, 3.3V version, since it's a 3.3V uC), and also wire RTS, which you'll connect to RESET line of microcontroller - which makes programming really nice, no hand interaction needed.

It would also be nice to be able to control boot-loader/application pin, but it would require another level shifter, and it's not really necessary, since you can start application from boot loader anyways.

For programming I used lpc21isp (which also supports lpc13xx, lpc17xx etc.), which I got from its yahoo groups page. I hope author soon figures out how to release files to sf.net, since Yahoo is a PITA.

Line used for programming: ./lpc21isp -control ~/lpcxpresso_3.2/test/test.hex /dev/ttyS0 115200 12000

Other uses: Well... it's a generic max3232 dongle, any 3.3 or 5V uart can be used with it. Should also work for other serial bootloaders etc.

Questions? Msg me, while it's still fresh.

Pics of the final product: Max3232 dongle1.jpeg Max3232 dongle2.jpeg