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EagleCAD support

This page is intended to accumulate practical knowledge and identify pits (no not u Pit) that the beginner EagleCAD user falls into.
When ever a user has found him/her (who are we kidding?) with at "how-do-I-do-that?" question AND found the solution, it should be written here, chances are, others will have the same problem.

Of-course, some solutions to the problems we get, are pretty well explained on other websites and if it is a rather complex solution, please sum it up in less than 50 words or so (CBA will help you) and link to the page with in-deepth explanation.

As of 2010-04-08, a new Unofficial Eagle Wiki has been made. More or less empty to start with, but worth watching. Let that not keep you, the most active users of EagleCAD, from still posting your tips here :-)

Let's start :-)

Change text size of components

  • Problem: Change text size of components. Like "R1" or "5.6Kohm". Default size is way too big (IMHO)
  • Solution: Using the Obvious approach, clicking on "change" (the spanner icon), and select "size" does not do the trick, because it tries to change the size of the hole object, the symbol of the component. Instead, select "smash", its in the lower parts of the icons to the left on the screen. apply "smash" to the component you wish to change size on. Now, the text is a "symbol" in itself and can be change with the "change"->"size" command.

How to copy an package or symbol

  • Problem: How to copy an package or symbol from a lib. to a new lib, rather than drawing all over again.
  • Solution: To_be_filled_in_later

Where the FUCK (1) are pads

  • How_To: pads without components?
  • Solution: 3 options: Library "Holes" or "Solpad" or "Wirepad" They have just that.

Be aware, that the drill size of of each pad, they are not all comparable with Olimex drills. The reason you want pads without components sticking to them, is probably because you want wires connecting to them, here is a (un-confirmed) list of dril vs wire size:

Drill size Suitable wire size
1.1 mm 0.75 mm2
1.3 mm 1.0 mm2
1.6 mm 1,5 mm2
2.0 mm 2.5 mm2

Note that the 0.1 mm of lamination mentioned on Olimex page have been taken into account.

(1) Yes, we can say fuck, it is our wiki.


  • How_To: make a gnd plane
  • Solution: Read this guide: http://www.muzique.com/schem/eagle.htm Feel free to build the Guitar buffer for Rax. Hint: while you are at it, make one for both bottom layer and top layer if it is double-sided pcb, you will be in your pcb-makes evening prayer.

Copy existing packages

  • How_To: ...Avoid doing the same work as others have done, by copying them :-) especially symbols.
  • Solution: This link fine guide by Kevin Bolding shows you how. (works in Eagle 5.8.0 too)

A few pointers:

DO NOT just press CTRL-C and expect CTRL-V to work, I did it several times and it did not. After grouping the source package, you MUST left click the group after selecting cut (or copy). The File->Open recent comes in handy here.

If the package you copy is not 100% the one you need and you modify it, say removing a few pins that are NC in the device you are making, it would be a good idea to rename the new package, for instance I have copied the TA11B from national semiconductors to make a device for my GainClone but I am cutting off a few legs as they are NC and I would like to use the pcb space for wider tracks. To rename, simply go to library menu and select rename :-)

Proff-looking edge on schematic

  • How_To: Get that nice frame around the schematic
  • Solution: In the lib. "Frames" you will find just what you need, be sure to select the size that fits your printer-paper, if you are going to print it. (save the forest!)

Unlike what LexMortis, the bad Dutchman says, it is NOT called "info" in the lib. "Document"