Almost a Stevenson screen

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Fig.1: ALMOST a Stevenson screen.

What is it about?

I guess everyone has a thermometer installed 'somewhere' in his house. I have one too! I'm living in a residential block and it so happens, that I have windows only on eastern and western sides of the building. So the thermometer I've been using for past few years is hanging on the eastern side, lying to me everyday before noon... No more lies! I am closing a temperature sensor in a shaded box. Time to build (almost) a Stevenson screen (

What is it not about?

All of this is not going to be even a bit close to proper temperature measurement's concept. My box will be too small! It will be also too close to the building. It will probably not have enough of windflow throught it as well. The sensor will not be precise enough to take the measurement as reliable. On the other hand... it will not be (hopefully!) just another useless thermometer being fried in the sun for half of the day.

How did I do it?

I've bought few 'glued-wood' boards and some wooden block and then...

Well does it work good?

I've hooked up some MCU+LCD set just to give it a test run and yeah - as for now it works. Plan is to have it as a part of some bigger project, so if this actualy happens one day - it will be a good moment for conclusions. By now I am all happy about it.

Yours truly,

pit, 2011-08-29

P.S. The "one day" has come. I am now using this box with a bigger project: How_Cutie_manages_my_measurements.

pit, 2011-12-21