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2011. New year. New resolutions. Remember the ones you've made last year? Sure you don't, because let's face it - you didn't do anything about them. How about making a bit of change in this matter this year... I introduce you the "Non-CBA of the month" contest.


General idea is to beat CBA. Contenders will do their electronics related projects and document them on the Electriki. Yes, this fits the "What do you build?" rule perfectly. Then the !CBA chart should be filled. Basing on this chart, every month we will reveil who wins (active users) and who loses (non active ones). Then the non-active ones ship prizes to active ones. What's the prize? Noone knows exactly. One BC547B? Ok. One 150Ohm 0805 5% resistor? Ok. Brand new 100GHz laptop with 20GB RAM and 100" LED display? Ok. Loser's choice what he's going to give away as a prize(s) - as long as it's strictly related to electronics.


  1. CBA is evil.
  2. It's all about fun.
  3. By the end of each month we sumarize activities of all competitors.
  4. Results will be presented in the activity chart (below).
  5. Each month the most active competitors win.
  6. Each month the least active slacke^Wcompetitors lose.
  7. Winners win prizes shipped to them by losers.
  8. Prize will be... Surprize.
  9. One can join the competition at any given moment.
  10. Only electronics designing/fixing related posts count as an activities.
  11. Several posts per month are allowed.
  12. One cannot apply projects for a upcoming month's account.
  13. Major updates can also be applied as monthly activities.

Activity chart

!CBA 2011 Competitors
domen fossiiil Jan_Goofy pit Rax michai OPEN!
February 1-wire_bitbanging NONE NONE Show_me_your_sp00nz NONE N/A N/A
March Universal_UART_ISP_dongle NONE NONE Show_me_your_sp00nz NONE N/A N/A
April Stargate_switch_v2 SPICE3-hacking_primer
May Long_Distance_SPI
June Intelligent xmas decoration
July Mr.Nasty 433 MHz noise-source
August Kitchen_LED_lighting, BOL_LED_lamp
December How_Cutie_manages_my_measurements

!CBA 2012 Competitors
domen fossiiil Jan_Goofy pit Rax michai OPEN!
January Bad-caps-syndrom
August Nostalgia_mixer

Winning projects

Here we'll have a table of each month's winning projects with an info about the prize won.